About Gill Hood

Gill Hood is an amateur landscape photographer based in South Yorkshire. She has returned to photography in recent years in preparation for retirement from a full time career in the NHS and has had the good fortune to be taught by Joe Cornish, Mark Banks and Steve Gosling having attended many one to one and group workshops with them.

With strong family ties to the remote upland areas of the Dales and North York moors together with childhood holidays spent hill walking in the Scottish Highlands, Lakes and North Wales, it is not surprising that when asked what Gill would have done if she had not pursued a medical career, she answered “I would have been a shepherdess working in the Yorkshire Dales, happy in the company of my dog and the landscape"


2 x Olympus OMD EM1 bodies
Pro lenses 7-14, 12-40, 40-150 mm
Macro 60mm
Gitzo Tripod and Arca Swiss D4 Geared Head
Lee 100mm filter system
Linhof viewfinder

Books and Inspiration

One of the advantages of working with inspirational photographers such as Joe Cornish, Mark Banks and Steve Gosling on a one to one basis is that you are introduced to the work of other influential photographers. Gill has therefore taken great delight in developing a library including the likes of:
Jan Tove
John Sexton
Peter Dombrovskis
Paul Wakefield
Michael Kenna
Mark Voce
David Ward
Ian Lawson
Marina Cano